Cockroachalisms, Life Lessons Learned On My Journey Through Life, and Gus Versus the Evil Gods, and U Is All a Bunch of A-holes, and Love an Ode to Valentine` Day, and Hope (Five Short Pieces)

Xavier Cockroachal Damon

Cockroachalisms. Let the guru of wellness, Xavier Cockroachal Damon, lead you to a path of inner peace and happiness with life lessons all must learn to not make the same mistakes. Gus Versus the Evil Gods, an offshoot from and exploration of one of the wisdoms of Cockroachalisms where the dominant personality of an intentionally splintered mind created in an attempt to take on what is now 82 Evil Gods is set to do battle. Who will be triumphant? Who is going to win? Gus, the muss with the fuss and the puss or the 82 Evil Gods? Oh it is so on! U Is All A Bunch of A-holes IS not fiction, it IS a discussion of the problem that is ISIS and intends to get the reader to think about the situation that seems to me will only spiral out of control. Love an Ode to Valentines Day, how dare you suggest that holiday is just a corporate money grab, also some of the history behind it. And, Hope, oh my, youve got to have Hope. Without Hope what else is there? Oh blessed, dear sweet hope.